Dromon Bureau of Shipping (DBS) is an independent, ship's International Classification Society, dedicated to provide classification and statutory certification services to ships and other marine structures, with the objective of protecting the environment and life at sea.

The aim of DBS is to ensure satisfaction of its customers by its total commitment to the Maritime Industry, its deeply involvement in the technical development and continuous improvement of its services and standards.

DBS maintains a Quality Management System, assessed and registered against BS EN ISO 9000:2008 standards. The System covers Classification of ships as well as Statutory marine certification services on behalf of Flag Administrations.

The "Dromon", Middle English "dromond" and old French "dromont", described any particularly large medieval ship. Dromon were the most important warships of the Byzantine navy from the 6th to the 12th centuries AD.
Dromon Bureau of Shipping’s logo (ideogram) aims to represent the Organization's services and vision.
The efficiency and performance of the Organisation is based on the competence and skills of the personnel who are continuously improving through training, innovation and common contribution to the determined goals.
The policy of Dromon Bureau of Shipping is to provide controlled and continually improving quality services to worldwide International Maritime companies in support of our mission, based on providing an unbiased personal service to each client and being responsive to their individual requirements.
Dromon Bureau of Shipping depends on its reputation for competence and integrity. Our adherence to strict ethical standards has contributed in a very significant way to both the professionalism and the credibility of Dromon Bureau of Shipping in the International Marine market.
It is the mission of DBS to meet the needs of its clients while at the same time be beneficial to the community. Through the verification of the requirements for the operational maintenance of ships and other marine related structures, DBS is dedicated to ensuring the safety of life.