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13 MAY 2014

This is a reminder to owners / operators / managers as well as Dromon Surveyors the procedure to be followed for verifying that materials on board ships in service are asbestos free.

30 APRIL 2014

This is to inform all parties concerned on the service providers approved recently by Dromon BS.

29 APRIL 2014

As of July 1, 2014 all new and existing cargo ships as well as passenger ships of 500 GT and above shall be provided with means of recharging cylindrs of air breathing apparatuses or a suitable number of spare cylinders used for training purposes.

4 APRIL 2014

Following Dromon C14003, this circular contains the updated contact list to be included as an appendix to SOPEP and SMPEP shipboard pollution emergency plans.

24 MARCH 2014

Standard Communications Pty Ltd has issued a safety alert stating that a number of GME EPIRB models have been identified as being at risk of failure.

14 MARCH 2014

 Dromon has released its annual PSC inspection results for 2013. The publication also includes the new EU Directive on PSC requirements and can be found in Dromon PSC Publications website.

12 MARCH 2014

MEPC 65 adopted amendments for the implementation schedule of BWMC Standard D-2. When it enters into force a relaxation period will be granted for existing vessels that should be fitted with a treatment plan.

5 MARCH 2014

In continuation of Dromon Circular C13002, this is an updated list of publications to be carried on board ships.

25 FEBRUARY 2014

Each compressed air breathing apparatus is to be fitted with an audible alarm and a visual or other device which will alert the user before the volume of the air in the cylinder has been reduced to no less than 200 litres.

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