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Paris MOU 2011 Annual Report on Port State Control


In July 9, 2012, the Paris MoU has published its annual report on port state control for 2011. During last year 19,058 inspections have been recorded which is less than the year before (24,058 inspections in 2010). However, due to the introduction of the new inspection regime the number of individual ships inspected has been increased from 14,762 in 2010 to 15,268 in 2011. Additionally, during last year 20 ships were banned, 13 more compared with 2010 results. As per Paris MoU press release the multiple detentions was the most common reason for banning in 2011.

In terms of flags performance, Faroe Islands, Vanuatu, Latvia and Iran moved from the "Grey List" to the "White List" with Germany leading the list. Moreover, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines moved from the "Black List" to the "Grey List". Kazakhstan and India moved from the "White List" to the "Grey List" and Dominica and Honduras moved from the "Grey List" to the "Black List".

The full press release of Paris MoU may be found here.

The full Paris MoU 2011 Annual Report may be downloaded from here.


DBS has been listed this year in the RO performance list. The Organization has been listed since July 2011 and thus, 60 inspections have been taken into account.

The performance level of DBS during 2011 is recorded as Medium.

DBS is encouraging the close cooperation of Surveyors, Auditors, ship Owner ship Managers and ship Operators in order to further improve the fleet quality. The Organization will keep analyzing and publishing data regarding the inspection regime of our fleet in major MoUs in order to avoid recurring deficiency items.

DBS results on the port state control inspection regime for January to May 2012 may be found here.

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