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Paris MoU 2012 Annual Report on Port State Control


The Paris MoU has released today the 2012 Annual Report on Port State Control. The results indicate that Dromon Bureau of Shipping (DBS) remains in the medium performance level as a Recognized Organization but in a better position. More specifically, in 2011 Annual Report, DBS has been listed with an excess factor of 0.68 where as in the 2012 Annual Report the excess factor has been reduced to 0.37 giving a better position to DBS in the Paris MoU performance table for ROs. Attached to this Circular you may find the Recognized Organizations (ROs) performance table 2010 – 2012. During 2012, DBS had 138 inspections that resulted in one detention.

For the full Paris MoU 2012 Annual Report click here.


CIC for 2013 and 2014

The Paris MoU has announced that for 2013 a Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Propulsion and Auxiliary Machinery will be carried out starting from September for three months. Also, for 2014 the PSC Committee agreed for a CIC on STCW Hours of Rest. DBS will be issuing further circulars
regarding this matter.


Further actions

DBS would like to thank ship Owners / Managers / Agents for their close cooperation with our PSC division in submitting the PSC reports and taking necessary actions where and as necessary. DBS appreciates the close collaboration with our Head Office and field Surveyors on this matter. However, our PSC division recognizes that there is still room for improvement on DBS performance. Therefore, the CICs initiated by DBS PSC division will continue based on our port state control inspection regime taking into consideration the most frequent reasons for deficiencies. In the meantime, field Surveyors are encouraged to continue the close cooperation with the Head Office for conducting the CICs.

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