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Paris MOU launches Harmonised Verification Programme (HAVEP) on passenger ships


In May 2012 the Paris MoU Port State control committee agreed to organize a Harmonised Verification Programme (HAVEP) on passenger ships safety. The HAVEP has commence on January 1, 2013 and ending on December 31, 2013.

The HAVEP aims to ensure that in the event of shipboard emergency the crew can organise themselves into an effective team to tackle the emergency as well as the officers and crew can effectively communicate with each other and shore based support and rescue services. Additionally, the HAVEP aims to ensure that the Master is in control and information is following to/from the command centre and in the event of the situation getting out of hand the crew and passengers can safely abandon the ship.

The HAVEP excludes passenger ferries and passenger high-speed craft.


The HAVEP will concentrate on the following items:
 Fire drill;
 Passenger muster and evacuation;
 Abandon ship drill;
 Testing the emergency source of power; and
 Operation of watertight doors.

Nevertheless, the PSC officers will request to see the Decision Support System and the SAR Co-operation.

The PSC officers will witness an operational control that includes a standard emergency scenario which will include a simulated machinery space fire, a passenger evacuation and muster drill and an abandon ship drill which will involve lowering of lifeboats to the water and taken away under power.

During the HAVEP the Master shall ask the local Coastguard / Coast Radio station to participate in the exercise. Additionally, the Company may also be asked to participate. If passengers are onboard it is up to the discretion of the Master whether they should be encouraged to attend the passenger muster and abandon ship drill.

Paris MoU has prepared a questionnaire with items to be checked during the HAVEP.

The full press release may be found here

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