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11 JULY 2012

Following a number of accidents on board tankers that resulted in structural failure, the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) of the
International Maritime Organization (IMO) has adopted at MSC 87 corrosion protection measures of cargo oil tanks. As a consequence to this other resolutions and guidelines have been adopted as outlined in this Circular.

3 JULY 2012

The amendments have been adopted to exempt certain ships in the North America ECA and theUnited States Caribbean
Sea ECA under MARPOL Annex VI.

2 JULY 2012

Although EEDI was a non-mandatory instrument, IMO MEPC 62 has made this mandatory under a new Chapter 4 of MARPOL Annex VI. This requirement becomes mandatory on January 1, 2013 and affects both new and existing vessels.

20 JUNE 2012

The Sierra Leone International Ship Registry has issued an official marine notification regarding the CIC on fire safety systems to be carried out by Paris and Tokyo MoUs on Port State Control.

11 JUNE 2012

Following Paris MoU 45th Committee meeting in Riga, Latvia this year it has been announced that a CIC will be carried out from September 1, 2012 jointly with Tokyo MoU on fire safety systems.

21 MAY 2012

Dromon Bureau of Shipping has published the results of PSC inspection regime for the first semester of 2012.

16 MAY 2012

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has adopted a new requirement for fire detection and alarm systems to be fitted in enclosed spaces containing incinerators.

24 APRIL 2012

The Sierra Leone International Ship Registry has published new dry dock extension requirements for all vessels registered under the Administration.

20 APRIL 2012

The Sierra Leone International Ship Registry has issued a Circular outlining the detention policy of the Administration which comes in force on April 21st, 2012.

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